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Weiss Schwarz

Weiss Schwarz English Spy x Family Meister Set / Booster Box [Preorder]

Weiss Schwarz English Spy x Family Meister Set / Booster Box [Preorder]

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Weiss Schwarz English Spy x Family Booster Box / Meister Set

Preorder due: August 20, 2023
Release date: January 26, 2024
Ship date: Late Jan 2024

Join the Forger family as they navigate the complexities of family life while also dealing with the dangers of their clandestine lives!

SPY x FAMILY has infiltrated Weiẞ Schwarz! Carry out your mission with the Forger family!

This is a final sale item, and pre-order, cancellations & refunds are not accepted.

Booster pack information

  • 9 cards per pack, 16 packs per box
  • 18 Box = 1 Case
  • 1 of 6 exclusive PR cards in every display box!
  • 1 English Edition exclusive stitched playmat in every carton!

  • More information can be found on the Manufacturer's website


    Meister Set information

    Each set contains the following:

    English Edition exclusive Stitched Playmat!

    ♠ 1x STORAGE BOX
    The storage box can hold approximately 700 cards inside!

    ♠ 10x BOOSTER PACK

    ♠ 1x Special PR Pack

    ♠ 10 Booster Packs + 1 Rubber Playmat+ 1 Storage Box + 1 Special PR Pack per Set

    8 Meister Sets = 1 Case

    The cards in this Meister Set may be used together with cards that have card numbers beginning with 「SPY/」!

    More information can be found on the Manufacturer's website

    Trial Deck+ Information

    Every deck you purchase has a chance to contain one of the following:

    [RRR] Rare cards with special embossing (17 types)
    [SP] Hot stamped cards (4 types)

    🔍 Loid Forger
    🔍 Anya Forger
    🔍 Yor Forger
    🔍 Loid & Anya & Yor

    • 21 types of cards + 21 types (Parallel)
    • 50 cards per deck, 6 decks per display
    • 8 displays per carton

    The cards in this Trial Deck may be used together with cards with card number beginning with「SPY/」!

    More information can be found on the Manufacturer's website

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    You can read more about who we are on our about us page.

    We Do Not Open Any Weiss Schwarz Products

    We don't open any Weiss Schwarz products. We don't sell singles, playsets, individual booster packs, and we don't do case/box breaks. We only sell sealed booster boxes, cases, TD+ displays/case for Weiss Schwarz.

    Our individual box prices may reflect a slightly higher price compared to other retailers, but it comes with the assurance that the boxes you purchase are always coming from an unsearched case. While we cannot guarantee you receive a "hit" when you order from us, we can guarantee that we will never lower your chances of getting a pull. We believe customers deserve to get exactly what they paid for, and customers pay with the expected pull rate that isn't changed by a retailer that sells searched product with some unsearched product.

    Why Don't We Open Any Weiss Schwarz Products?

    Opening Weiss Schwarz cases automatically puts retailers in a
    position that financially incentivizes them to commit unethical acts at the cost of the consumer. By not opening Weiss Schwarz, we simply remove ourselves from ever being put in that position.

    We wanted to provide the Weiss Schwarz community a truly safe place to purchase sealed products without feeling like they need to buy by the case to feel safe. We firmly believe that whenever a customer buys a booster box or case, he/she deserves to have a legitimate & fair opportunity of pulling their chase card(s) every time, and never have to question whether or not the boxes came from a searched case or master case.

    We hope more of those in the Weiss Schwarz community join us in our campaign for advocating better consumer safety on sealed products for Weiss Schwarz, and urging Bushiroad to implement a better, less exploitable rarity distribution system. By voicing your opinions/concerns and reaching out to Bushiroad Support, they will be more inclinded to start developing and implementing potential solutions/improvements.

    When the community mindset has become "Buy by the case" in order to feel safe when buying sealed product, the concept of "credible" or "trustworthiness" of a seller is meaningless and irrelevant. Until the system changes, a retailer cannot open and sell sealed Weiss Schwarz in a sustainable and profitable manner without engaging in some deceitful practices.

    That is the simple capital 'T' Truth.

    Why trust us though? You do not have to. We do think our track record speaks for itself though. We have advocated for better consumer safety on Weiss Schwarz products while explicitly stating that we do not open Weiss Schwarz products from the start. This still stands true to this day.

    We can confidently stand by all of our statements and claims because we have nothing to hide and nothing to feel defensive about. The Weiss Schwarz community is relatively close knit, and we stepped on many toes on the way in, but even our harshest critics have a hard time doubting our claims now. We do not expect you to believe us right away, not many do, but overtime, we hope you will see this is not some marketing technique or an "act".

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