Q: Product is cheaper at another store. Why should I buy here?

A: Many retailers sell at near cost since they profit from selling singles/playsets. We offer a legitimate and honest experience every time. We believe paying a few dollars more per box is worth it for our reliable service. Your support allows us to continue providing quality service to you.

Q: Do you provide international shipping?

A: Not at the moment. We recommend using a package forwarding service if you are in a country we do not currently ship to.

Q: Where is my pre-order? When will you ship?

A: We value shipping speed as much as you do. If we haven't shipped your order yet, it's almost always because we are still waiting for inventory to arrive. We fulfill orders within 1-3 business days once products are in stock. Unfortunately, we have no control over when we receive products from our suppliers.

Q: Will 2 (EN) / 3 (JP) case orders come in a master case?

A: Usually, ordering 2 cases (EN) or 3 cases (JP) for Weiss Schwarz means your order will be shipped in a sealed master case. This applies to nearly all products/games. If we can ship in a sealed case/master case, we will. It is easier for us to ship a master case, and buyers prefer it. However, there may be times when we open cases for quality control purposes. Please read our shipping policy here.

Q: Will you have this product in stock?

A: In most cases, yes! Please contact us with the product name and, if possible, the UPC/JAN Code for the product, and we'll list the item if it is available. We offer a variety of games, accessories, figures, and other anime/card-related goods at great prices. Your suggestions help us prioritize which items to list.