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What makes us different?

We don't open any Weiss Schwarz products. We don't sell singles, playsets, individual booster packs, and we don't do case/box breaks. We only sell sealed booster boxes, cases, TD+ displays/case for Weiss Schwarz. All products sold comes from an unsearched case.

Why don't we open any Weiss Schwarz products?

Opening Weiss Schwarz cases automatically puts retailers in a
position that financially incentivizes them to commit unethical acts at the cost of the consumer. By not opening Weiss Schwarz, we simply remove ourselves from ever being put in that position.

We wanted to provide the Weiss Schwarz community a truly safe place to purchase sealed products without feeling like they need to buy by the case to feel safe. We firmly believe that whenever a customer buys a booster box or case, he/she deserves to have a legitimate & fair opportunity of pulling their chase card(s) every time, and never have to question whether or not the boxes came from a searched case or master case.

We hope more of those in the Weiss Schwarz community join us in our campaign for advocating better consumer safety on sealed products for Weiss Schwarz, and urging Bushiroad to implement a better, less exploitable rarity distribution system. By voicing your opinions/concerns and reaching out to Bushiroad Support, they will be more inclinded to start developing and implementing potential solutions/improvements.

When the community mindset has become "Buy by the case" in order to feel safe when buying sealed product, the concept of "credible" or "trustworthiness" of a seller is meaningless and irrelevant. Until the system changes, a retailer cannot open and sell sealed Weiss Schwarz in a sustainable and profitable manner without engaging in some deceitful practices.

That is the simple capital 'T' Truth.

Why trust us though? You do not have to. We do think our track record speaks for itself though. We have advocated for better consumer safety on Weiss Schwarz products while explicitly stating that we do not open Weiss Schwarz products from the start. This still stands true to this day.

We can confidently stand by all of our statements and claims because we have nothing to hide and nothing to feel defensive about. The Weiss Schwarz community is relatively close knit, and we stepped on many toes on the way in, but even our harshest critics have a hard time doubting our claims now. We do not expect you to believe us right away, not many do, but overtime, we hope you will see this is not some marketing technique or an "act".

Who are we?

What started off as a one person operation has grown into a small team mainly to streamline the fulfillment process. This store was created for three primary reasons:

  1. Provide a positive consumer experience and give customers exactly what they pay for; People are not paying for just a sealed box. They are paying for a booster box with the pull rates intended by the manufacturer, not a skewed one where the % chance of getting a hit is intentionally reduced by the seller.
  2. To spread awareness so that customers can make better informed purchasing decisions.
  3. To encourage others to push Bushiroad to make improvements to their products for the sake of consumer safety and for the short & long term performance of their sealed product, and its performance on the open and secondary market. 1 voice simply is not enough to get the attention of Bushiroad, and it will require the effort of many individuals voicing their concerns for improvements to be made.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at support@n4ytcg.com